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Current City Projects


2014 Scheduled Projects


     The city has several projects planned for the upcoming summer months. Here are just a few projects residents can expect to see in progress soon.  

1.  Reconstruction of the retaining wall on 3000 East between 6500 South and 6700 South will start in mid-April.

2.  Construction on a new park-and-ride along Fort Union Boulevard at approximately 3600 East will begin during late summer.

3.  1700 East road widening project between 7010 and 7050 South--start date still to be determined.

4.  Fort Union/Highland Drive intersection widening project: This project is in design stages now with a bid date of January 2015 and construction starting in spring of 2015. This project will include the relocation of power poles to accommodate dual left turn lanes in all directions.

5.  Bengal Boulevard overlay and roadway reconstruction will start this year as well.  Many sections of Bengal Boulevard have deteriorating and failing asphalt.  We are working on plans to restore the life of this roadway which will also include some roadside improvements.

6.  The city will be doing overlays on Kings Hill Drive and Whitmore Way in June 2014. Some traffic delays should be expected.  We will work as expeditiously as possible to complete a quality project to help improve your quality of life.  Thanks for your patience.

     The public works department is proud of the opportunity to upgrade and maintain this city.  We are committed to completing each project as quickly and conveniently as possible.  But more importantly, we will make every effort to ensure your safety during these construction activities.  Please help us by slowing down or possibly avoiding areas that have traffic control measures in place.  As the orange season begins, help us watch out for those hard-working people dressed in orange!