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Recent City Council Action Items

For your information: an ordinance is defined as a local law created by legislative action of a municipality.  A resolution is a document used to exercise administrative functions, such as entering into contracts. For a complete listing of the city's laws, see the Cottonwood Heights Municipal Code. Older ordinances and resolutions can be requested by submitting a GRAMA form.



No. 190 - Adopting the amended FY 11-12 budget and the new budget for FY 12-13

No. 191 - Amending Chapters 9.75 and 14.60 regarding unauthorized discharge of fireworks on public property

No. 192 - Amending and restating Chapter 9.77 regarding fire restrictions in Wildland Interface Areas

No. 193 - Amending Section 14.32.020 regarding Concrete Replacement Program

No. 194 - Amending Chapter 14.32 of the municipal code regarding Sidewalk Use and Maintenance

No. 195 - Amending Chapter 2.180 of the municipal code regarding the city's Employee Appeal Board

No. 196 - Amending Chapter 19.82 Signs, Off-Premise Electronic Display Signs

No. 197 - Establishing a schedule for regular meetings of the city council, planning commission and board of adjustment for 2013

No. 198 - Approving new council districts and amending Chart 2.220 of the Cottonwood Heights Code of Ordinances

No. 199 - Amending Chapter 19.35 RO-Residential Office Zone of the Cottonwood Heights Code concerning, INTER ALIA, signage

No. 200 - Amending Chapter 10.40 and adopting new Chapter 10.41 regarding graffiti and penalties

No. 201-A - Approving the re-zone of 6814 and 6826 S. Highland Drive from R-1-8 to RO (ZC) and amending zoning map

No. 202 - Adjusting the common boundary between Cottonwood Heights and the City of Holladay

No. 203 - Adjusting the common boundary between Cottonwood Heights and Sandy City

No. 204 - Amending Section 9.65.020, International Fire Code

No. 205 - Adopting the amended FY12-13 budget and the new budget for FY13-14

No. 206 - Amending Chapter 9.77.030, Fire restrictions in Wildland Interface Areas

No. 207-A - Approving a general plan amendment - Honeywood Cove

No. 208-A - Approving a rezone on Wasatch Boulevard

No. 209-A - Approving a rezone on Highland and La Cresta

No. 210 - Establishing/amending compensation schedule

No. 211 - Establishing a 2014 meeting schedule for the city council, planning commission, and board of adjustment

No. 212-A - Approving a rezone of 6710, 6722 and 6738 Highland Drive

No. 213 - Adopting the amended budget for FY2013-14

No. 214-A - Aproving a re-zone of 7839 S. Highland Drive

No. 215 - Amending and restating the city code for wild, dangerous and exotic animals

No. 216 - Adopting an amended budget for FY 2013-14

No. 217-A - Approving a re-zone of 7900 S. Highland Drive

No. 218-A - Approving a general plan amendment at 2489-2495 E. Creek Road

No. 219-A - Approving a general plan amendment for 7884 S. Highland Drive

No. 220-A - Approving a re-zone of 7884 S. Highland Drive

No. 221-A - Approving a re-zone of 2489-2495 E. Creek Road

No. 222-A - Approving a re-zone of 2251, 2261, 2265, 2287 Bengal Blvd. and 7534, 7550, 7560, 7576 South 2300 East

No. 223 - Adopting the amended FY13-14 budget and the new budget for FY14-15

No. 226 - Accepting and granting the Granite Oaks Annexation Petition

No. 227 - Approving vacation of property-Danish Road Menlove Subdivision

No. 228 - Approving of annexation of approximately 26 acres located near 1900 East Creek Road Road ("Old Coventry" Annexation)

No. 229 - Budget Amended for FY 2014-2015

No. 230 - Approving Vacation of right-of-way or Easement on Palma Way

No. 231 - Amending City Code 2.140.104 and 2.140.602-Concerning Term Limits for City Advisory Committees

No. 232 - Ordinance establishing a schedule for regular meetings of City Council, Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment for 2015 

No. 233 - Amending Chapters 19.04 and 19.46 to include blood plasma centers

No. 234 - Amending Chapter 17.16.130 Providing for partial reimbursement of storm water infrastructure costs 

No. 235 - Repealing Chapters 19.72 and 19.75 and enacting new Chapter 19.72 (SLEDS)



2014-01 - Approving an agreement with Salt Lake County for participation as co-permittees under UPDES

2014-02 - Approving and ratifying a fifth amendment to office lease with WLA UPU-1 and -2, LLC

2014-03 - Approving a repair agreement with Overlook at Old Mill Homeowners Association

2014-04 - Tentative budget amended 07-1-13 through 06-30-14

2014-05 - Designating representatives to the VECC Board of Trustees

2014-06 - Declaring certain property surplus

2014-07 - Approving federal aid agreement for Fort Union/Highland intersection construction through UDOT

2014-08 - Accepting an annexation petition for further consideration

2014-09 - Approving an amendment to janitorial services agreement with BearCom Building Services

2014-10 - Consenting to CH Arts Council appointments

2014-11 - Consenting to CH Historic Committee appointments

2014-12 - Consenting to CH Board of Adjustment appointments

2014-13 - Consenting to CH Planning Commission appointments

2014-14 - Ratifying the election of a Mayor Pro Tempore

2014-15 - Approving an assignment of rights under real estate purchase contracts

2014-16 - Approving a bid and awarding a contract to S&L Inc.

2014-17 - Approving issuance and sale of sales tax revenue bonds

2014-18 - Authorizing disposal of property no longer needed as evidence and lost or mislaid property

2014-19 - Approving an agreement with Creative Concepts & Display LLC for a parade float

2014-20 - Approving preliminary engineering reimbursement agreement with UDOT and Rocky Mtn Power-Ft. Union/Highland

2014-21 - CDBG action plan for FY2014-15

2014-22 - Tentative budget amended 7-1-13 thru 6-30-14 and tentative budget 07-01-14 thru 06-30-15

2014-23 - Declaring certain property surplus

2014-24 - Adopting principles and policies for the establishment of future boundary with Sandy, relating to annexation

2014-25 - Approving trade-in of certain police equipment, glock pistols

2014-26 - Approving an agreement with SLCo fir LiDAR Elevation Data (Aerial Photos)

2014-27 - Approving an agreement with UDOT for preliminary engineering services (Fort Union/Highland Intersection)

2014-28 - Approving a contract with Lantis Productions for 2014 Butlerville Days fireworks

2014-29 - Approving a UDOT consulting services contract modification for Big Cottonwood Canyon Trail

2014-30 - Consenting to planning commission reappointments

2014-31 - Approving an agreement with SLCo for ZAP funding (arts council)

2014-32 - Approving an agreement with Custom Events for 2014 Butlerville Days

2014-33 - Approving an agreement with Salamander Music for 2014 Butlerville Days

2014-34 - Accepting an annexation petition for further consideration (Old Coventry)

2014-35 - Approving an agreement with Blu Line Designs for planning and consulting services

2014-36 - Authorizing disposal of property no longer needed as evidence and/or lost or mislaid property

2014-37 - Approving an agreement for the Metropolitan Narcotics Task Force

2014-38 - Consenting to reappointments to the architectural review commission

2014-39 - Consenting to appointments to the CH Arts Council

2014-40 - Approving an agreement with Murray City for parking lot, trail segment and other matters

2014-41 - Approving an agreement with Transcript Bulletin Publishing for newsletter printing and mailing

2014-42 - Awarding badge and sidearm for nominal value to retired officer Randy Maurer

2014-43 - Approving an agreement with Sunrise Engineering for building services

2014-44 - Approving an agreement with Salt Lake County for TRCC funding (Butler Middle Auditorium)

2014-45 - Approving an agreement with Garff Enterprises for police vehicles and equipment

2014-46 - Approving an agreement with Zions Bank for lease of police vehicles and equipment

2014-47 - Approving an agreement with GSBS Architects for architectural services (Municipal Center Project)

2014-48 - Approving an amendment to Terracare contract for public works services

2014-49 - Approving an agreement with Precision Concrete Cutting FY2014-15

2014-50 - Approving an ATM placement agreement with Cambria Financial Group for 2014 Butlerville Days

2014-51 - Approving an agreement with Water Walkers LLC for 2014 Butlerville Days

2014-52 - Approving an agreement with Civic Live for website redesign

2014-53 - Approving an agreement with Salt Lake County for Old Mill fence maintenance easement

2014-54 - Approving a contract with Quicksilver Concrete for misc. concrete replacement

2014-55 - Approving Amendment No. 2 to an interlocal agreement with SLCo for public works-related materials and services

2014-56 - Approving support for single computer-aided dispatch system throughout Salt Lake County

2014-57 - Approving and ratifying a bid awarding a construction bid contract to Miller Paving, Inc. (Park-n-Ride lot)

2014-58 - Approving of appointment of Elise Hogan to Cottonwood Heights Arts Council

2014-59 - Approving authorization of disposal of property

2014-60 - Approving termination of Old Mill Fence Maintenence Easement

2014-61 - Approving agreement with Murray CIty for conveyance of Spillman computer server

2014-62 - Approving tentative budget ammendment for Fiscal Year 2014-2015

2014-63 - Approving cooperative procurement agreement

2014-64 - Approving contract with Quicksilver Concrete, Inc. for 1700 E. sidewalk project

2014-65 - Approving agreement to dedicate ground for publlic improvement for 1700 E. sidewalk project

2014-66 - Approving agreement with Layton Construction for construction services of Municipal Center project (the entire file is 63 MB and is available upon request at city offices)

2014-67 - Approving adopting a policy and making certifications involving public use of Butler Middle School Auditorium

2014-68 - Approving agrement with SL County for conveyance of real property - Golden Hills Gap Parcel

2014-69 - Appointing Representative to Salt Lake County Mosquito Abatement District

2014-70 - Approving Agreement for Public Improvements - 1700 East Sidewalk Project

2014-71 - Authorizing Disposal of Unclaimed Property

2014-72 - Approving of Agreement with MIdvale City for 1300 E. Union Park Ave. for Maintenence - Street Improvements

2014-73 - Approving Agreement with Emily Adams (DBA EMD Graphics) for Graphic Design Services

2014-74 - Approving an Easement Agreement With Salt Lake County For The Big Cottonwood Trail 

2014-75 - Authorizing Disposal of Unclaimed Property

2014-76 - Adopting a Policy for Annexations

2014-77 - Approving an Agreement with Salt Lake Chamber for Professional Services

2014-78 - Approving an Agreement with Bio-West, Inc. for Consulting Services

2015-01 - Tentative Budget Amended (July 2014 - June 2015)

2015-02 - Approving Funding Agreement with Utah Dept. of Health for AEDs

2015-03 - Approving contract with Custom Events for City's 10th Anniversary celebration



2012-01 - Canyons School District Interlocal Agreement for Canyon Centre CDPA

2012-02 - Salt Lake County Interlocal Agreement for Canyon Centre CDPA

2012-03 - CH Parks & Rec Interlocal Agreement for Canyon Centre CDPA

2012-04 - Central Utah Water Conservancy District Interlocal Agreement for Canyon Centre CDPA

2012-05 - South Salt Lake Valley Mosquito Abatement District Interlocal Agreement for Canyon Centre CDPA

2012-06 - Cottonwood Heights Interlocal Agreement for Canyon Centre CDPA

2012-07 - Adopting a budget for the Canyon Centre CDPA