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Neighborhood Watch

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     The Cottonwood Heights Police Department works in conjuction with the Cottonwood Heights Neighborhood Watch to create a safer community for all residents.  Help your community by getting involved.  Contact Police Support Specialist Sheila Jennings at 801-944-7032 for more information about how to start Neighborhood Watch in your area. Check out their website at Cottonwood Heights Neightborhood Watch is also on Facebook:


Upcoming Events:

Neighborhood Watch holds training meetings regularly.  Check the calendar for dates and information.


Say "yes!"

     The Cottonwood Heights Neighborhood Watch motto is, “We See, We Hear, We Call.”  Neighborhood watch is simply reciprocal awareness of our neighbors and their activities, followed by appropriate action when something amiss is observed.  Getting started in neighborhood watch is easy – just say “yes!”

     “Yes” is what Ernie Cummings said several years ago.  After retirement from his career in the travel industry, Ernie succeeded founder Al Haslam as the Cottonwood Heights Neighborhood Watch Area Coordinator.  Asked why he continues to serve as one of two area coordinators, Ernie says he likes volunteering, it helps him avoid idleness in retirement, he likes being involved and simply loves what he does.  Ernie has earned the CHPD Volunteer of the Year Award for two consecutive years and has served for four years on the Butlerville Days Committee, assigned to parking enforcement.

     James Jones said “yes” and serves as Neighborhood Watch Area Coordinator for the area east of Highland Drive to 2700 East.  He came to this area in 1986 and started with neighborhood watch about 18 years ago.  James owns a small business and serves on the Cottonwood Heights Planning Commission. 

     Both Ernie and James call CHPD’s Police Support Supervisor Sheila Jennings the “glue” that holds several volunteer entities together.  Talented, skilled, and just a delight, Sheila works tirelessly to make sure volunteers have what they need to do their jobs well, and she is their biggest cheerleader. 

     Sheila provides the necessary resources and equipment that make neighborhood watch so effective in our community.  Neighborhood watch training is available. The neighborhood watch booth is available for block parties and there are materials such as brochures and refrigerator magnets for those who request them.

     Say “yes!” to getting to know your neighbors and connecting with them.  Say “yes!” to taking an active part in our neighborhoods and community.  Say “yes!” to becoming aware of activities in your neighborhood.  Getting started is easy!  Remember, we see, we hear, we call.  Don’t wait to be called! 

     Call or email Sheila Jennings today at 801-944-7032 or Tell her you are ready to get involved.  You’ll be glad you did!