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Historic Committee


Old Mill


     Cottonwood Heights' unique historical heritage is one of its most important assets. In order to identify, preserve, protect and enhance historic buildings, structures, sites, objects and districts lying within the city limits and to compile a history of our city, Cottonwood Heights has established a historic committee.

     The Cottonwood Heights Historic Committee has five to nine regular members and meets monthly. Members serve staggered three-year terms and must have a demonstrated interest, competence or knowledge in history or historic preservation. To the extent possible, at least two of the members are professionals from the disciplines of history, archaeology, planning, architecture or architectural history. 

     You can view the committee's agendas and minutes by visiting the public records page, or you can apply to serve on the historic committee.

  • Historic Committee Members
  • M. Tom Shimizu - Chair
    John Glauser - Vice Chair
    Beverly Lund
    Gayle Conger
    Sylvia Orton
    Jerri Harwell
    Dean Smart
    Don Antczak
    Jerry Christensen
    Carol Woodside

    Mike Peterson - City Council Liaison





When was the name "Butlerville" officially changed to "Cottonwood Heights?"


At the meeting of the Salt Lake County Commission held on April 1, 1938, Harold D. Fife presented a petition signed by 50 property owners in the area known as Butlerville requesting that the name “Butlerville” be changed to “Cottonwood Heights.”  The matter was taken under advisement by the commission and referred to the chairman.

At the meeting of the county commission held on Friday, May 13, 1938, the following resolution was submitted for the Board’s approval from the residents of Butlerville.


“WHEREAS, the area in Salt Lake County lying west of the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, commencing with and including the high ground south of the natural channel of Big Cottonwood Creek, in the area hereinafter more particularly described, has in the past, been called “Butlerville;” and

WHEREAS, the greater part of the original settlers, and particularly the Butler family, for whom said district and locality was named, have moved from said locality and said name has lost its original significance and said locality is not definitely designated or widely known by said old name, and it is the desire of the present residents and owners of property in said district to change said name to “Cottonwood Heights;” and,

WHEREAS said change would more definitely designate and naturally and distinctively name said locality and would add to the convenience, orderliness, certainty, and government of said locality and would facilitate the distribution of mail, patrolling by county motorcycle and radio cars, delivery and distribution of merchandise and add to the general convenience of the residents of said district and others;

IT IS, THEREFORE, HEREBY RESOLVED BY THE County Commissioners of Salt Lake County as follows:

That the area commencing with and including the high ground south of the channel of Big Cottonwood Creek, east of 23rd East Street and north of 80th South Street, Salt Lake County, Utah, be and the same is hereby designated and named “Cottonwood Heights,” and such name will be used for all purposes of official designation on county maps and otherwise from the date of the passage of this resolution.”

Two of the County Commissioners, J. B. Mullins and W. H. Anderson, voted “aye” and the resolution was approved and signed on May 13, 1938.  
Minute Book, Board of County Commissioners, Salt Lake County
Salt Lake Telegram, April 1, 1938 and May 13, 1938