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Arts Council

Cottonwood Heights News Journal Archives

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Arts Council Mission Statement: Organize engaging cultural events to promote community interest, involvement and education in the arts.

     Past events sponsored by the arts council include a literacy contest, photography contest, Winter Music Fest and our growing community theater with past shows such as "The Wizard of Oz," "Cinderella," and "The Music Man."




Fiddler on the Roof poster

Thanks for making "Fiddler" a success!

     Many heartfelt thanks go to the great cast, production team, orchestra and quiet backstage helpers of Cottonwood Heights’ recent production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” More than 50 people gave countless hours of unpaid service to create a successful cultural event for the community.

     The actors ranged in age from nine years old to 60-plus, and their skill levels varied from first-time amateurs such as Hunter Hogan and Brooklyn Allen to veteran actors such as the Jason Wadsworth family and Becky Henriksen. Music director Christi Jones and Choreographer Brittnie Bruin taught the cast how to hit each note and count each step. Accompanied by Cottonwood Heights’ very own community orchestra directed by Shaun Davis, the production shone.

     Joey Hogan and Bob Ithurralde built and embellished the simple yet effective set while lighting guru David Aird and sound technician Ryan Pedersen creatively brought the play to life. And we can’t forget the fantastic beards created by makeup artist Mike Porter as well as all the behind-the-scenes volunteers who made the play run smoothly.

     Finally, we must thank the many people from Cottonwood Heights and beyond who attended the performances and supported the efforts of the Cottonwood Heights Arts Council. You are the reason we do what we do!

     What makes our community theater successful? In the words of the song Anatevka, “A little bit of this, a little bit of that” stirred up with love and hard work from our community members!


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Questions about the art show should be directed to Bob Ithurralde at 801-942-3328.



Sheet music

Community orchestra begins new season

     The Cottonwood Heights Community Orchestra will soon begin rehearsals for its 2014-15 season.  The first rehearsal of the season will be on Thursday, Sept. 4 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Butler Middle School, located at 7530 S. 2700 E. in Room C110.

     For more information please contact Shaun Davis at



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  • Arts Council Members

    Becky Henriksen - Chair
    Chante McCoy - Vice Chair
    John Russell - Treasurer
    Christi Jones - Public
    Lindy Davis
    Shaun Davis
    Bob Ithurralde
    Rebecca Kitchen
    Karen McCoy
    Suzanne Neddo
    Richard Randolph
    Sarah Ricketts

    Mike Shelton-City Council
    Maradon Nettleship-Arts
         Council Production Mgr.
    Ann Eatchel-City Events

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  • The Cottonwood Heights Arts Council is grateful for the support of the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts and Parks Program.

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