May 2019 History Question of the Month

May 2019 History Question of the Month
Posted on 05/01/2019


When was the name of the “Butlerville” area officially changed to “Cottonwood Heights?”


At the County Commission meeting held on May 13, 1938, a resolution was submitted for the board’s approval from the residents of Butlerville and passed by two votes. The area in Salt Lake County was designated as land commencing west of the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon and Big Cottonwood Creek. The resolution specified that, “…a greater part of the original settlers, and particularly the Butler family, for whom said district and locality was named, have moved from said locality and said name has lost its original significance and said locality is not definitely designated or widely known by said old name, and it is the desire of the present residents and owners of property in said district to change said name to 'Cottonwood Heights.'” 

The resolution also said that the change would facilitate “…convenience, orderliness, certainty, and government of said locality and would facilitate the distribution of mail, patrolling by county motorcycle and radio cars, delivery and distribution of merchandise and add to the general convenience of the residents of said district and others.”

The resolution was approved and signed May 13, 1938.