Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Committee Formed

Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Committee Formed
Posted on 10/02/2018

In March, the Cottonwood Heights City Council was passed Ordinance 294, that amended city code to establish a Parks, Trails and Open Space Committee. Several people applied to be part of the committee, representing the various districts of the city.

The committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the city, to work on appropriate parks, trails and open space designations. The committee will perform research and outreach to help preserve outdoor recreational and open spaces with the intent of enhancing the quality of life in Cottonwood Heights.

The new committee members are:


Erin Davis

Matthew Dominesey

Melissa Fields

Greg Hilbig

Ben Hill

Bruce Jorgensen

Roger Kehr

Fritz Kollmann

Bonnie McCallister

Dave McFerren

Kristy Morrison

Greg Reid

Sarah Ricketts

Jennifer Follstad Shah

Cottonwood Heights is grateful for these committee members who have volunteered for this assignment.