Open Space Committee Members Needed

Open Space Committee Members Needed
Posted on 06/02/2018

Earlier this year, the Cottonwood Heights City Council passed an ordinance that allows for the formation of a Parks, Trails and Open Space committee, in an effort to garner more community involvement in the planning, maintenance and creation of open spaces for public use in the city.

The committee will provide an important advisory role to the City Council and staff and will not make any binding decisions regarding official statutory codes, ordinances or resolutions.

The new committee will consist of up to 11 members, with nine being residents that will represent the entire city (in lieu of designated districts). Time commitment or term lengths have yet to be determined.

Membership is meant to be representative of the broad spectrum of the city, including those with expertise (through education or other relevant experience) in related disciplines such as parks, outdoor recreation, landscape architecture, urban planning, real estate, finance, biology, geography, environmental science and public relations.

If you are interested in joining the new committee, please contact City Recorder/Human Resource Manager Paula Melgar at or call 801-944-7021.