Nov. 2018 Business Spotlights

Nov. 2018 Business Spotlights
Posted on 11/01/2018

ChemTera, LLC | 801-725-9057 |

ChemTera, founded in 2016, provides specialty chemical cleaning, degreasing and purifying products. Its products serve industries such as food service, hotels, industrial, asphalt and concrete. ChemTera carries dish and laundry detergents, sanitization products, chemicals for water treatment, purifiers for pools and spas, floor care, and a multitude of cleaning agents for automotive care. And, don’t forget about its snow and ice melt products this winter season! ChemTera, along with Associate Ken Ward (pictured), also customize formulations for your intended purpose.

Clayson-Mitchell Mortgage | 801-944-9697 |
7105 Highland Dr. # 200

Jim Barnett has been in the real estate and mortgage industry since 1993, starting as a bookkeeper for a local mortgage company and its sister real estate company while he was in college.  Eventually, he started a local bank charter/ILC (Industrial Loan Corporation before returning to a local mortgage company, Clayson-Mitchell Mortgage, around 2002 and becoming an owner-partner of the company shortly after that. “It feels good at the end of the day to know I helped someone with their financial goals and dreams,” Barnett says. “I was born and raised in Utah and love working in the market where I grew up.”