National Magazine Highlights CH Radio Club

National Magazine Highlights CH Radio Club
Posted on 11/03/2016

CQ Magazine featured a report on the Cottonwood Heights Amateur Radio Club (CHARC) in their October edition, highlighting the group’s volunteer work with the city to assist in emergency management. CQ Magazine is a national publication that covers amateur radio across North America.

The CHARC participates and partners with the city to maintain communications in case of emergency.  The article, penned by CHARC president Carlos Cardon, features its members’ contributions during the “Shakeout” exercise held in the spring.

Amateur (or “ham”) radio is often used whenever mainstream communications (like traditional telephone, cell phone or broadcast) are inaccessible during emergencies.

“Cottonwood Heights’ emergency management communications plan works because of the commitment of our amateur radio club,” said Cottonwood Heights Emergency Manager Mike Halligan. “The [CHARC] provides timely and accurate information to the emergency operations center, which allows us to provide timely responses to neighborhoods in disasters.” You can link to the CQ Magazine website through