Improve Water Quality by Paying Attention to Storm Water

Improve Water Quality by Paying Attention to Storm Water
Posted on 05/01/2018

Cottonwood Heights City is working with the Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition to inform residents of the impacts communities can have on stormwater pollution, since an informed and aware citizenry is the best asset that local governments have to develop a successful stormwater program.

To that end, be aware that all runoff waters from streets, gutters and sidewalks flow directly to Big and Little Cottonwood creeks without any form of treatment.

Some things that you can do to help improve water quality:

Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn (brush or blow excess back on to landscaped areas).

Plant alternatives to turfgrass such as native perennials and groundcovers.

Mow your lawn high (this will allow you to use less water to water your lawn).

Clean up after your pet.

Dispose of household hazardous waste, used auto fluids and batteries at designated locations (You can look up where to recycle or dispose of these materials at:

Wash your car at a commercial car wash or on your lawn or other unpaved surfaces with biodegradable soap.

Sweep/blow lawn clippings and yard debris back to landscaped areas (organic matter depletes the water of oxygen when it decomposes).

Clean latex paint in a sink. Clean oil-based paint into a container and dispose of it as household hazardous waste.

Sweep up and dispose of construction debris like concrete and mortar (wash waters have a very high pH that kills aquatic life).

Cottonwood Heights is a member of the Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition. For more info visit

And remember: “Only rain in the drain!”