City Wins Prize For H2Oath

City Wins Prize For H2Oath
Posted on 12/01/2016

Cottonwood Heights was awarded $5,000 from the Utah Division of Water Resources by winning the Inaugural “Thirst Games.”

City residents took the oath and helped Utah save more than 90 million gallons of water by pledging to follow through on the state’s lawn watering guide. The DWR also estimated that 3 million more gallons would be saved by pledges that reduce time in the shower.

Cottonwood Heights was one of three cities/areas given the cash prize. Salt Lake City, St. George and Lake Point (an unincorporated area of Tooele County) were recipients in their own categories (based on population). Utah State University also won one of the awards.

The money awarded is earmarked for water conservation projects. 

149 cities/areas took part in the program, with more than 2,000 oaths taken.