Calling All Military Veterans!

Calling All Military Veterans!
Posted on 06/01/2018

By Dave McFerren

Several months ago, I had a chat with Mayor Mike Peterson about the military veteran population living in our great little city. Mayor Peterson voiced his strong support for veterans and asked if I could reach out to the veteran community to determine if there are veteran-specific needs that the city could help provide. We do not know how many veterans live in Cottonwood Heights, but in the small 13-home development where I live, there are currently five vets (two Army, one Air Force, one Navy and one Coast Guard) who own homes there (almost 40 percent). I doubt that the same percentage of veterans exists in the entire city, and it’s safe to assume that the percentage is significant.

Do our vets need help or assistance? Do they know their Department of Veterans Affairs benefits? Do they know what benefits the State of Utah provides for veterans? Do they know how to find out about their benefits? Is there a need for a veteran’s court program? Are there other issues veterans need to raise with the city administration? The mayor would like to know and be proactive in helping to obtain needed support for this special population.

If you are a military veteran, living in Cottonwood Heights, and have thoughts, ideas or recommendations that will help the city support our veteran population, please let us know. You can contact either the author of this article, Dave McFerren, at or the city’s public relations specialist Dan Metcalf at