City Enacts Temporary Ban on Aerial Fireworks

City Enacts Temporary Ban on Aerial Fireworks
Posted on 07/11/2017

On July 11, 2017, The Cottonwood Heights City Council voted to ban all personal aerial fireworks that reach higher than 15 feet in the air. The ordinance is effective immediately, and will last until December 29, 2017.

Ordinance 275 was passed in response to extreme fire danger in the area, caused by a wet spring that resulted in widespread vegetation that provides additional fuel for potential wildfires. Coupled with extreme high temperatures hovering around 100 degrees and shifting winds that surround Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, the council passed the ordinance as a temporary solution to such conditions, and the widespread use of personal aerial fireworks.

Several citizens attended the council meeting, most of them expressing concerns about the fire dangers, while some disagreed with the new ordinance, which passed by unanimous vote (5-0).

Council members also expressed sympathy for those who may have already purchased personal aerial fireworks, along with businesses that sell banned items.

The new ordinance does allow for the continued use of conventional ground fireworks, except in public areas and wild land interfaces as determined in the previous policy.

The council will reevaluate fire dangers going forward, with the hope that the Utah State Legislature can address the issue on a state level.

The city thanks all concerned citizens for their feedback and comments during this process, and encourages residents to communicate with each other and report any suspicious activity that may be in violation of current fireworks restrictions.

Link to Ordinance 275