City Seeks Input on Outdoor Lighting Regulations

City Seeks Input on Outdoor Lighting Regulations
Posted on 04/02/2019

The City is seeking input on a proposed ordinance that would strengthen Cottonwood Heights current ordinances in addressing light pollution, commonly known as a “dark skies” regulations.

What is Light Pollution?

Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution, but did you know that light can also be a pollutant? Although adequate nighttime lighting is important to allow human activity to safely continue after the sun goes down, inappropriate lighting practices can result in various hazardous and obnoxious conditions, including:

Light Trespass: Light coming into your home or on your property from unshielded light sources.

Glare: Light directly in your eyes, causing poor contrast, the inability to see and safely operate your vehicle. 

Lighting Color: Blue light in the color spectrum has been increasingly shown to create a negative impact on your sleep patterns, as well as creating a harsh and glaring nighttime environment. 

Energy Conservation: Lighting areas where and when it is unneeded. Energy is wasted, unnecessarily increasing costs and pollution.

Increased Skyglow:  Not only will light reflect off clouds and back into your homes and property, on clear nights, it eliminates our ability to see and enjoy the nighttime star landscape. 

An ordinance is currently being reviewed by the City’s Planning Commission and will be advanced to the City Council for their consideration in the coming months. To learn more, or to provide feedback on the proposal, please visit: