City Considers 2018-19 Budget

City Considers 2018-19 Budget
Posted on 06/18/2018

The Cottonwood Heights City Council held a public hearing on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 to receive input on the City's proposed budget for its 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Citizens were able to voice their opinions and recommendations to the council.

UPDATE 6-15-18:

The council will vote on the proposed budget June 19.
In an effort to provide citizens with as much time as possible to review the proposed budget, we are posting the latest “Draft” budgets as they become available or undergo any minor editing.

The city will continue to refine and edit the document prior to Tuesday (June 19th) meeting, however, we do not feel that they will be substantive changes.

City Council and city staff appreciate your interest in the budget process and welcome your input as we move forward.

UPDATE 6-18-18:

You can download the final budget draft below:

You can download the latest version of the proposed budget here (UPDATED 6-18-18).