June 2018 WFWRD News & Notes

June 2018 WFWRD News & Notes
Posted on 05/31/2018

National Garbage Person Day

National Garbage Person Day is the week of June 17. According to a 2016 Time magazine report, waste and recycling collection is the fifth most dangerous job in America. WFWRD drivers work hard to ensure that your waste is collected efficiently and safely, despite challenges due to weather, traffic and other complications. Even a simple wave to your driver can go a long way to show your appreciation. 

Green Waste Subscription Program

The Green Waste Collection Program is underway. This is a subscription-based program, and those interested in subscribing or getting more information can visit www.wasatchfrontwaste.org.
Cottonwood Heights currently has 788 subscribers.

Please remember, as part of the program, not to bag your green waste and that green (yard) waste should never be placed in the blue recycling cans. Placing green waste in the recycling cans contaminates the recycling and makes the recyclable materials unusable.

Help Your Community

WFWRD is seeking volunteers and go-getters! Everyone from Boy Scouts to Miss Utah queens are welcome to make an impact in their communities. Best of all, you can see the difference that education, outreach and service can make in creating a clean, sustainable community. Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District has successfully helped Cottonwood Heights in both big and small ways in the past. Some service opportunities include:

Local Royalty/Pageant Queens

•          WFWRD can help develop a personal platform issue

•          Miss America Serves Day options and ideas


•          WFWRD is a local organization that can be contacted about projects

•          It can help with Eagle Projects and local community needs

Rotary Club

•          Rotary Community Corps options

•          Rotary Partnership

Just Serve.org

•          WFWRD offers quality-of-life projects

•          Collaborative efforts meeting all the service guidelines