Storm Water

The Cottonwood Heights Stormwater Program is committed to improving residents’ quality of life through water quality enhancements, drainage infrastructure management, and flood hazard minimization.

The main functions of the Stormwater Program include:

  • Maintaining dependable stormwater flood control facilities
  • Water quality controls and environmental protection
  • FEMA floodplain management within city limits

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Standards

Stormwater Design

Stormwater Design Manual (coming soon)

Low Impact Development (LID)

Utah Underground Injection Control (UIC) requirements (

Post Construction

Long-Term Stormwater Management Agreement

Long-Term Stormwater Management Template

Helpful Links

Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP)
Cottonwood Heights Municipal Code Title 17 – Storm Drainage and Flood Control Development (

Salt Lake County Stormwater Coalition (

Utah Stormwater Advisory Committee (

Salt Lake County Flood Control (

Educational Pamphlets

Recycling Hazardous Materials Links:

Service Projects:

  • Storm Drain Inlet Markers (coming soon)
  • Stormwater basin cleaning (coming soon)

Draining your swimming pool (Click here for permit)

Storm drain map (coming soon)