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Planning Commission

     The planning commission was created in order to represent the concerns of diverse citizen groups as well as the broad interests of the community as a whole.  The commission is charged with providing balanced representation in terms of geographic, professional, neighborhood and community interest in the development of a healthy and well-planned community.

     Some of the planning commission's duties are as follows:

1--To make a general plan and make recommendations concerning general plan amendments to the city council.
2--To recommend land use ordinances and a zoning map, and amendments thereto, to the city council.
3--To administer provisions of the land use ordinances.
4--To advise the city council on matters as the city council directs.

     The planning commission consists of seven regular members and two alternate members.  In order to promote geographic representation on the commission, one regular member is appointed from each of the four city council districts in the city, and three regular members plus the alternate members are appointed at-large.  Members of the planning commission serve three-year terms and cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.

     The planning commission meets on the first Wednesday of each month.  More information on the Cottonwood Heights Planning Commission can be found in Title 19:05 of the Cottonwood Heights Municipal Code.

See the Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes page for more information about planning commission meetings..


 Current proposals


            Proposed amended code:

                          Appendix B

                          Appendix C

                          Appendix D

                          Appendix E

                          Appendix F

                          Appendix G

                          Appendix H

                          Appendix I


                        (Proposed amended code)

  • Canyon Centre Phase II – Proposed Mixed-Use Development Project

                         Updated Staff Report

  • 8559 – 8595 S Wasatch Boulevard – Proposed Land Use and Zoning Map Amendment from R-1-8 to Residential Office

                         11-26-14 Memo


Planned Development District Proposal

The Cottonwood Heights Planning Commission discussed a Planned Development District proposal during their monthly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015.

Here is a draft of the proposed PDD

A 2015 consultant study on Ft. Union Blvd. was presented to the City Council on February 17. Here it is:

Ft. Union Blvd. Study

  • Planning Commission

    Current members of the planning commission are:

    Janet Janke – District 1

    Jeremy Lapin – District 2

    James Jones – District 3

    Paxton Guymon – District 4

    Gordon Walker – At-large

    Perry Bolyard – At-large

    Dennis Peters – At-large

  • Joseph Demma - Alternate

  • Apply to serve on the PC