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Board of Adjustment

     The city's board of adjustment provides for fair and just treatment in the administration of local zoning ordinances. For example, the board acts as an appeal authority for the city, and can authorize land-use variances.

     The board of adjustment consists of five members and one or more alternate members who are appointed by the city manager with the advice and consent of the city council.  Members serve five-year terms and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.  The board meets only as needed.  More information about the board of adjustment can be found in Title 19:92 of the Cottonwood Heights Municipal Code.

Click HERE to see the the board's meeting agendas and minutes.


  • Board of Adjustment:

    Current members of the Cottonwood Heights Board of Adjustment are:

    James Adinaro 
    Don Antczak (Alternate)
    Gary Barnes
    William R. Good (Alternate)
    James Holtkamp
    Bob Wilde
    Noor Ul-Hasan

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