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Architectural Review Commission

     The Architectural Review Commission (ARC) is responsible to review and make recommendations on all development (commercial or residential) taking place in the Gateway Overlay District.  The ARC is composed of five regular members and two at-large alternate members appointed by the city manager, with advice and consent of the city council.

     The makeup of the ARC is not geographically-based.  Instead, its members are chosen based on expertise: licensed architects; landscape architects, professional planners or urban designers; historians; and/or developers, contractors or realtors.

     Members of the ARC serve two-year terms and elect a chair and vice-chair to head the committee.  They meet at least once a month, unless there is no new business scheduled.  More information about the ARC can be found in Title 19:49 of the Cottonwood Heights Municipal Code.

 Review map of the Gateway Overlay District.

Click HERE to see the ARC's meeting agendas and minutes.


  • ARC Members:

    Scott E. Chapman
    Stephen K. Harman (Alternate)
    Jonathan Jay Oldroyd
    Scott Peters (Alternate)
    Robyn Taylor-Granda
    Niels E. Valentiner
    Laura McCoy

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